About Us

About UnderCon

UnderCon is a joint effort between the crews of UnderDiscussion and Preferred Enemies, two gaming and geek culture podcasts in the Undergopher Podcast Network. Our goal is to bring the kind of gaming convention we’d like to see to Kansas City, with emphasis on role-playing, tabletop board gaming, and miniature wargaming. The cornerstone event for UnderCon is the Midwest Conquest GT, a regional Warhammer 40,000 tournament that is now in its second year. In addition to this event, we support a wide variety of gaming events. To learn more, please visit our games listing.

Con Staff


BradyOne of the two original hosts of Underdiscussion, Brady has been gaming for over 30 years.  Brady was introduced to gaming with red box Dungeons and Dragons and first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Bringing new people to gaming is his passion. The rest of the Undergophers would also like to point out that Brady loves Pocky and old school gangster rap


DustinDustin has been an avid gamer of all varieties since 2000.
Creator, co-host and editor of UnderDiscussion.


KevinCo-co-host of Underdiscussion, and Co-co-co-co-Host of Preferred Enemies, Kevin has been gaming his entire adult life (when not attending soccer matches). Kevin prefers playing Tau and Khorne in 40k, and Bards in D&D. He also requires massive editing to sound coherent.


RobOne of the hosts of Preferred Enemies, Rob has been gaming in one variety or another about as long as he can remember. When he’s not recording or editing the podcast, he’s working on one of his (too) many armies, playing 40K, or trying out new boardgames.